Commercial Vessels

Although marine contractors, marinas and dredgemen use boats as a tool in their businesses, commercial vessels have more traditional boat uses -- towing, pushing, and transporting people or cargoes. This class would include fishing boats, tugs, salvage recovery, pollution control, ferry boats, chartered boats and tour boats. In other words, the vessel performs a service for others.

Owners and operators of commercial vessels have developed special skills in their area of expertise.The lives and property of those they serve are in their hands. Most commercial vessels need the traditional marine coverages of hull insurance and protection & indemnity. We also provide supplemental coverages including vessel pollution liability, towers’ liability and other coverages specific to the vessel’s mission. But, for many commercial vessel operators ther is a need for tailor-made coverages, such as insurance on ticket booths, liability for the docks used for berthing, and liquor liability.

The environment for vessel owners is changing with every new court decision, new law and regulation. Your exposure to loss is greater than it was, so insurance coverage must expand to address your growing needs. It is more important than ever to explain all facets of your operation with us. We can then explain how traditional and non-traditional insurancecoverages can protect you.