Other Marine Trades

Marine tradespersons comprise a a small, but significant, sector of the maritime industry. Most businesses that fall into this category are small and very, very independent. They represent unique expertise from sail rigging, marine electronics, diesel engine repair and ship’s carpentry for the recreational segment to major, specialized repair on blue-water hulls.

Marine tradespersons usually travel to do work on boats -- big and small. Although often small businesses (in the case of recreational work), they have virtually all of the exposures common to marinas and shipyards.Ship Repair Insurance

Most marine facilities will not even permit a contractor on their premises without adequate insurance. Although this is often viewed as anti-competitive, it is a good risk-management practice to make sure the facility and the facility's other customers have the protection of an insured contractor on the premises. It is critically important to have the proper coverage before going on site, both for the tradesperson’s benefit and for the benefit of the facility -- whether it is the Jones Family Marina or the Norfolk Navy Shipyard.

Larger marine trades firms are not constrained by international borders. Work is conducted in anywhere in the world that is accessable to shipping. The proper foreign coverages, bonds and cargo insurance are needed to complete the insurance needs of such firms.

Northeastern Underwriters has responded to the coverage requirements of both domestic and international marine trades for over 30 years.